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TEAM(tem)n. a group of people working and playing together.

Teamwork n. joint action by a group of people.

Did you notice there is not a I in the word team or teamwork.

Selling a home or property is a team effort. It is both Realtor and Sellers responsiblity to work together until property is closed and check is in hand. As I list I tell seller first and foremost we are forming a "TEAM" to get this listing SOLD. If any of you have ever played sports you know how important your team mates are. I have  played sports all my life and all the championship games I played in, we as a team walked to center court and accepted that trophy. My coach always said "There is not a I in TEAM" so therefore why would one person accept a trophy. That is a life lesson I have taken with me even as my ball playing years are over. My sellers all agree on this. So, remember when you place your home on the market it is a team effort. Do other Realtors agree or disagree!!! I want to know your ideas!!!

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Tinker Hulsey

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