World War II and Home Town Bands

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My Mother -in- Law told me story. She had come to Washington D.C. From Nebraska Because her married sister said there was work here. Pre-World War II Nebraska had few jobs for farm girls no mater how pretty the were. So out Elma Dove came. Dec. 7th. came and work was more than plentiful. She worked at fort Belvoir through out the war. Before the wars end her Mother took ill and she was allowed to go home. She was able to get a job in Lincoln and cared for her mother. Now out side her window was a field where the town band would rehearse. On this particular day the band played differently. They played as if for the first time and as they would never play again. They played with their tears. Elma went to window in time to see them leave the feild. She ran down the stairs to join them. Shop keepers and office workers were in the street, cars had stopped. townspeople were hugging strangers and the bar on the corner was giving drinks on the house. That's how Elma found out that the Japanese had surrendered. It would be another three weeks before  she would know that the last of her three brothers had survived the war.

I think of this story these days, every time hear the Irish Breakfast Band playing up the street from where I live. As I sit and type I look out window of The caboose Cafe' and dream of someone coming in with the news that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over. That our men and women are coming home. The fiddle and fife begin to play as the news goes up the street to the Hat Shop to St. Elmo's to Chocolate By Design all the way the  FireFlys. My cell phone will ring it will be my sister calling to tell me my nephew her son is coming home. People I haven't met will cry with happiness with me. This is why Del Ray is where I live and what makes it..... Well.........Del Ray.