How to win the listing EVERYTIME!

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In my home town, about 70% of my business is generated on listings.  I really focus hard to get them and love working with sellers.  I find its more of a personal relationship and really enjoy that experience.  Over 90% of my business is generated on repeat and referrals but I am also taking on and actively searching new business.  Here is what I do to win the listing EVERYTIME!

First, I generate a pre-listing package.  The idea of this system is to win the client and allow the client to generate a good impression of you, your business, and what they think their home is worth.

Here is what I include in that package:

  • a brochure on property inspections and why sellers should consider them.  The idea is on older homes needing repairs.  If we can address any issues and have them solved before or during the listing, the buyers will be more informed and we should have less issues at closing.
  • my personal brochure outlining information on my company and myself.
  • information about my client appreciation program and what it entails.
  • all homes currently listed similar to theirs and in their neighborhood and all recent sales.
  • an info sheet on their own home to compare
  • a booklet titled 90 Ways to Help Sell Your Home.  Sellers know first impressions are key and will even stage their home prior to your visit.
  • a personal letter (with my picture on it) confirming the date and instructions for the pre-listing package.

I should make it clear that when the sellers call in or request the evaluation, let them know a package will be delivered that day or night to review and make sure they will be home.  Schedule the actual listing appointment 1-2 days in advance and request all persons on title to be present.  The 1-2 days allows sellers to review your info and formulate an idea of their homes value.  So once the package is complete, hand deliver to their home (so they can meet you in person) and again, confirm the date and time of appointment.

Once i get back to my office, i write a hand-written note that i deliver to their home the next day (I am up very early so they will know I am a hard-worker) that says: 

Dear Sellers,

It was great seeing you last night and I hope the information I have provided you will be useful.  I look forward to meeting with on (insert date/time).  If you have any questions prior to our meeting, please contact me at (insert cell phone number).

Keep Smilin! :)

Kevin Turner

Here is the great part about my listing program:

  • the sellers have already met you in person
  • you have delivered to them information to review the same day they requested an evaluation
  • you have shown you are serious about selling with personal delivery AND the follow up note for them the next day

Since people tend to be most comfortable with someone they already know, you have taken the opportunity to be a "friend" with this outstanding service.  Your chances now of getting the listing are higher than anyone else. 

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I find that people are really searching for an agent who will care for them and want outstanding service.  The key element I have found is constant communication!

I hope the information can help you become a top listing agent in your area.

Keep Smilin! :)

Kevin Turner

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.... - Mauldin, SC
Sounds like a good system Kevin. In my area we do inspections up front as part of our disclosures. Finding out about $20K in Termite work can quiclky sour a negotiation if you did not know about it before hand.
Jan 02, 2008 06:10 AM