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Happy New Year from the Mint Hill, NC contingent of Santa's herd!

Whitetailed deer in my driveway

Whitetail deer in my driveway


In recent weeks, several agents in our Charlotte, NC Keller Williams Realty family, who typically serve other areas around Charlotte, have asked about neighboring Mint Hill on behalf of interested buyers.  My wife, Brenda, and I moved from Charlotte to Mint Hill about 12 years ago. At that time, Mint Hill was often referred to as a "sleepy bedroom community" located just southeast of Charlotte.  We love the area and have come to know it relatively well, so I thought I would answer some of those agents' questions.

As I was writing the post this morning (1/2/08), however, the group of whitetail deer in these photos stopped me in mid-sentence!  Shown crossing our gravel driveway about 10:00 a.m., they're part of a herd of 12-15 deer that regularly traverse our property within the city limits of Mint Hill.  Betcha didn't know that our whitetail deer often fill in for Santa's traditional, but weary, reindeer for the southeastern leg of his yearly trek!  They're named for the white underside of their tails (see the leftmost deer in the bottom photo), which the deer holds upright during flight, and is often the first (and last) thing a startled hunter sees as the deer bounds off into the distance.  Where else in the nation could one be so close to the conveniences of city life, and yet so close to nature?

Oh, well... so much for today's post with answers to those Mint Hill questions.  I'm sure many of you have read the recent news about the Charlotte area being one of only three in the nation to exit 2007 with an INCREASE in home values (and, by the way, the highest appreciation rate of the three at about 4.3%).  No longer a "sleepy bedroom community", Mint Hill is also experiencing rapid residential and commercial growth.  With 28 existing and new home communities within its city limits of approximately 25 square miles, we continue to enjoy a stable economy and steady growth.  More to come later on those 28 communities!


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