Do Multiple Offers Indicate an Upswing in the Market? Is your Highest and Best Your Best?

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Although I have been reading about multiple offers becoming more common in AZ, FL, and other states like many things until it actually happens to you it does not hit home.


So it was with some surprise that it finally has started to happen in my area, here in the suburbs of Chicago.  In the Oswego, IL area I have been hearing from many agents that they are now getting multiple offers on their well priced listings even short sales!  Lo and behold, on one of my more recent listings it finally has happened.

Now whenever I get that on offers I put in I always feel like they are "just" saying that to up the price.  Especially foreclosures which seem to always have "multiple offers".  So how do I respond when I am the buyer's agent?

I ask my clients how much do they really want the property?  Do you love it?  Really want the home?  Would you be upset if you lost it  to someone else?

If they answer yes then I recommend that they come in higher than the list or asking price.  When dealing with investors they don't mind paying a couple of thousand dollars extra to secure the property if it makes sense on paper.  They know they can make up the money when they rent it out to a tenant in a relatively short time perio.d

So how do you tell your average home buyer in a "buyer's market" that if they really want to have their offer submitted to the bank in a short sale that they may actually have to offer MORE than LIST PRICE!! 



If the home will appraise out higher than it's listed for and if the home was not a "short sale"  would you be willing to pay more for the home?  More than likely you will still be paying less than most "traditional sales" and if the home meets all your current needs, and you really, really would hate to lose out on it, then go for it!  Banks will see how serious you are and more than likely will not counter on the price.  So don't let your urge to "get the deal" at the lowest price make you "lose your dream home" and put you in the "should have, could have" club.  Put in your HIGHEST & BEST!

The market is changing and buyers are waking up to the fact that interest rates are the lowest in decades, home prices are  more affordable than ever and the bottom is almost there.  Few people have been able to "time" the market.  Few people saw the signs in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and sold their homes and rented waiting for the downturn.


Time Running

Don't Be Caught Trying to Time the Market!  instead take advantage of today's market, buy your dream home in the neighborhood you love knowing that chances are you will have a lower mortgage than most of your neighbors and you will be enjoying that home for years to come!


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Evelyn:  Sure seems like there is a turning tide ... even in our area now.  And that's all good.  But the learning curve, it needs to catch-up a bit, I fear.  The buyers aren't used to hearing what they are hearing more and more regarding the prices of homes and the offers they need to make.  That's where you and I come in.  It's about education.  We have a responsibility to educate ... but the buyers and sellers?  They have a responsbility to reach out, make the effort, and educate themselves too.  The info ... and we are available for them.

Let me know when you want to do a seminar!!  I'm in ...


May 10, 2012 04:48 AM