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Pinkberry - Frozen Yogurt in South Windsor

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Frozen Yogurt in South Windsor

Best Frozen Yogurt in South WindsorFinding frozen yogurt in South Windsor is quickly becoming more and more popular for many good reasons. For one, in a society which is becoming more health conscious frozen yogurt is a much healthier alternative than ice cream and other dessert choices. Another reason is that certain types of frozen yogurt is absolutely delicious and is a divine treat! Pinkberry is a currently one of the most popular chains of this delicious treat and is by far the best provider of frozen yogurt in South Windsor.

Why Choose Frozen Yogurt Over Ice Cream

Locating a frozen yogurt shop in South Windsor is a much smarter choice if you are looking to cut down on calories and fat in your diet. On average, a half cup of frozen yogurt contains roughly 80 calories why a half cup of ice cream can contain up to 130. When it comes to grams of fat, ice cream has around 7 grams while only frozen yogurt contains 2 grams.

- The New King of Frozen Yogurt Shops

Anyone who has not tried Pinkberry is seriously missing out on the best frozen yogurt in South Windsor. Pinkberry in South Windsor focuses on simplicity, having only a few flavors of yogurt such as original, coffee, great tea, watermelon. Seasonal flavors such as pumpkin and peanut butter are also available at certain times throughout the year. Toppings can also be added to the delicious yogurt dish such as fruit, chocolate, and nuts. The toppings, most notably fruit toppings are always fresh and you can always expect the highest quality when dining at Pinkberry in South Windsor.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can try the chocolate frozen yogurt flavor with a little bit of candy and caramel mixed on top. This taste will be a little different than ice cream, but is absolutely out of this world and is phenomenal. The prices for Pinkberry is very fair and there are several different sizes depending on how hungry you are. If you are looking to get some Pinkberry on the go in South Windsor, they will wrap it in bags of ice which allow it to stay icy cold for the long drive home. Pinkberry is the perfect afternoon or weekend treat.

If you are looking for the best frozen yogurt shop in South Windsor look no further than Pinkberry! The South Windsor location is at 501 Evergreen Way 301, South Winsor, CT. Open every day please make sure and visit Pinkberry and try out the most delicious frozen yogurt you will ever taste!

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