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Some Fabulous Neighborhoods mostly in the Foothills

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Lookout/ Mt. Vernon / Genesee, Golden Colorado- This exclusive Foothills Community built in harmony with nature,  graces 2100 acres.  Half of the acres are reserved as open space for the enjoyment of the community. Genesee boasts the perfect balance between glorious mountain living and city convenience.   Located only 20 minutes from Downtown Denver and 45 minutes to World Class Skiing.  Tucked away just south of the I-70 corridor at Lookout Mountain, and situated at over 7,500 feet above sea level, Genesee is a residential community where the beauty and serenity of mountain living is combined with easy accessibility to the amenities of metropolitan Denver.  12 miles of maintained hiking trails, 4 tennis courts, two swimming pools, work out cardio and weight rooms and racquetball court.  Lots of great clubs for a all tastes from book clubs to biking to skiing clubs.  Many of the homes have panoramic vistas of either downtown Denver or the majesty of Mt. Evans and the Continental Divide, or both!


The Evergreen/Conifer and surrounding communities have (literally) hundreds of various subdivisions/neighborhoods. Those desiring the I-70 commute are drawn to the North Evergreen area, also known as Bergen Park and Central Evergreen. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in this North/Central Evergreen area are:

Soda Creek: All the lots are 5-acre minimum in size, and most are zoned for horses. This subdivision was developed originally during the mid 70's, with just a handful of vacant lots that have not been built on at this time. A majority of the homes are in the 4000+ square feet in size, and the price range is from approx. $700,000 to multi-millions.

The Hiwan area, which includes The Ridge at Hiwan, The Island at Hiwan, Hiwan Country Club, and Hiwan Hills, and the various neighborhoods that make up the Main Street/Central Evergreen subdivisions:

The Ridge at Hiwan - was first developed in the late 1980's, with the most recent development of single-family homes taking place in the last 3-4 years, and contains approx. 440 single-family homes. The lot sizes vary between approx. ½ acre to just under or over 1 acre. The size of the homes vary between approx. 3800 sq. ft., up to 6000 and 7000 sq. ft. The average size is approximately 4500' to 5000'.Prices range from approx. $550,000 to $2,000,000, with the average being between $700,000 and $1,000,000. Very family and children oriented, yet with a good mix of executive and/or empty nester couples.

The Island at Hiwan - is a gated community, with approx. 52 single family homes behind it's gates. This subdivision was first developed during the late 1980's, with completion of the majority of the construction occurring in the early 1990's.The majority of the lot sizes are approx. ½ to ¾ acre in size. The average sizes of the homes are between 4000' and 5000', with prices ranging between $650,000 and $1,000,000.Very family oriented, with many children in the neighborhood, and a great place for children to play without fear of a lot of traffic issues, due to the gated situation.

Hiwan Country Club - This is one of the most mature neighborhoods in the North Evergreen area. First developed during the mid to late 60's, the majority of the homes were built during the 1970's.All single family in nature, with approx. 616 lots, ranging between ½ acre and 1.0 acre in size. The residents are a mix of retired "locals" some of whom have lived in their homes for 30+ years, to executive families with children. The draw to this area is that it has the charm of "old Evergreen", and is considered prestigious in nature due to the Hiwan Country Club connection. The sizes of the homes range from approx. 3000' to 5000', averaging around 3800'- 4000'.The prices range between $450,000 and $1,000,000, with an average price of approx. $550,000-$600,000.

Hiwan Hills, Evergreen - is also one of the most mature neighborhoods in the North/Central Evergreen area. This was also developed largely during the 1960's and 1970's.All single family in nature as well, the lots sized are similar to those in the Country Club homes. This is a very eclectic mix of homes, with sizes ranging from as small as 2000' to larger sizes of 4000' and 5000', a are on ½ acre to 2 acre lots. The residents are a wide mix of "locals" whom have, again, lived in their homes for 30 or more years, to families with children, to single people, all looking for the North/Central Evergreen location, at more affordable prices that range from $250,000 to $500,000.Some of the more recently built homes in this subdivision are in the $600,000 to $1,500,000 price range. Many of these homes have very big Westerly and Southwesterly views.

Main Street/Central Evergreen - this is some of the oldest area in all of Evergreen, along with the very prestigious Upper Bear Creek area, West of "downtown" Evergreen. These areas were first developed beginning in the 1920's and 1930's.Over the years there was continued development, creating a wide mix of styles and sizes. The residents and the prices of the homes are as varied as the home styles and sizes. Many of the sites have magnificent Mount Evans views, thus driving the prices on those homes. The Upper Bear Creek area is considered one of THE most desirable areas in all of Evergreen, with a rich and long history to match! Very individualized homes, generally large in size, with a great deal of character, the Upper Bear Creek area is virtually fully developed. One trip up this road, what looks to be headed directly at Mt. Evans, will be all you need to completely fall in love with Evergreen!

Continuing to South Evergreen via Hwy. 73, again there are many different neighborhoods, with access to Denver via Hwy. 285 and/or Hwy. C-470 to I-70.Once you are in the South Evergreen and Conifer areas, you will find that, on average, the lot sizes are more generous, the topography changes with many areas enjoying big views and privacy. A few of the most popular areas of South Evergreen are a number of subdivisions in the Brook Forest area, Evergreen Highlands, and Evergreen Meadows.

Brook Forest and those associated subdivisions - There are quite a few separate subdivisions along Brook Forest road, as it ambles several miles going West off of Hwy. 73. Depending on the specific subdivision, homes will range in size from 1500' to 5000', and prices will range from $180,000 to a small, newer and gated subdivision that has custom homes priced in the millions. The age of the homes is also in a wide range, with some of the original construction going back as early as the 1920's.The vast majority of construction was done during the 70's and 80's, with a good percentage of new construction during the 1990's to recent date. Again, the residents are as varied as are the sizes and construction styles. Acreage sizes also vary, but most have at least 1 acre +.Some of the names of the subdivisions are Brook Forest Estates, Buffalo Park Estates, Blue Creek Estates, Evergreen Hills, and Alpine Hills. Again, affordability is found in any number of the neighborhoods in these areas.

Evergreen Highlands - This subdivision originally "broke ground" during the mid-60's, as one of the three subdivisions that former Colorado Governor Roy Romer developed prior to his entering politics. The 250+ lots in this neighborhood are all on 2 acre minimums, with a few lots at 3-5 acres in size. Very individualized homes, the views will vary dramatically from site to site, depending on the exposure and location, be it on the West or East side of the subdivision - either big Mt. Evans views on the west, or fantastic "city lights" from the West/Southwest! The homes range in size between 2000' and 4500', averaging about 3400' - 4000'.Prices range between $350,000 to $700,000, averaging at approx. $450,000 to $550,000.The residents are again a mix of families and executive couples/empty nesters. Very easy access to Denver via North Turkey Creek to Hwy 285 to C-470.

Evergreen Meadows, Evergreen - Just a mile or so further south on Hwy. 73, this is another of the three subdivisions developed by Roy Romer. Set on both sides of Hwy. 73, the right (west) side was developed first, beginning in the mid to late 60's, with the majority of homes built during the 1970's.These are also on 2 acre min. sites, with many in "the back" (west) side of the development boasting of very big Mt. Evans views and some larger acreages. The left (east) side of the development was built generally during the last 70's and into the early/mid 80's, with a few later built homes as well. The vast majority of the homes have a westerly exposure, and depending on how high up the home is, will enjoy those big Mt. Evans views as well. Prices range is between $300,000 (for some of the older/smaller homes), to over $1,000,000 for those homes with bigger views and bigger lot sizes. The average price will be approx. $450,000 to $600,000.

Moving on South to Conifer, on Hwy. 73, as joins/dead ends at Hwy. 285, the subdivisions here are vast and numerous as well. Access to Denver is directly onto Hwy. 285, going north to C-470.A couple of the most popular subdivisions in the Conifer area are Conifer Mountain, Belle Meade, and Kings Valley.

Conifer Mountain - This is the third development by Roy Romer. Covering hundreds of acres, the homes in this subdivision are set on 2-acre minimums as well, with again many homes on larger lots. And as seen in the afore mentioned areas, the views will vary widely, depending on which "side of the mountain" the homes are located. Prices range between $350,000 and $1,000,000.The vast majority of the homes are in the $400,000 - $600,000 range. Residents are very much like those as described before, a mix to say the least. Conifer Mountain experiences a higher yearly snowfall measurement than other areas, due in large part to its Southerly location and elevation as the road inclines through the neighborhood.

Belle Meade, Conifer - This is a newer subdivision for the Conifer area, with construction starting during the mid to late 1990's.This gated community has 10 acre min. sites, with a few that are larger in size. The homes are generally custom, with a few "spec" homes, but all in the luxury home range of $1,000,000+.Many enjoy very big views, some to the West, but for the most part to the East and South East. Exquisite and private. The residents are generally executive families, and telecommute to their jobs and/or companies that they work with.

King's Valley, Conifer - This subdivision also covers 100's of acres, and is, for the most part, set on smaller lots, in the ½ acre range, with several that are on larger lots around 1-2 acre in size. The area was developed largely during the 80's and 90's, with some homes built as early as in the late 70's.For the most part the homes all enjoy wonderful views to Pike's Peak, and the South East part of Denver. And, again the residents are a mix of all we've discussed previously. Prices range from approx. $250,000 to $700,000, with the average being between $350,000 and $550,000.

Throughout any and all of these areas discussed (North and South Evergreen, Conifer, and onto Pine, Bailey, and Morrison), the topography is of a mountainous nature. Some lots will be very gentle with some or all of it being flat, while a vast majority of the lots will be made up of sloping land. As a result, you will find a majority of the homes are built in 2-3 story construction, with the lower levels being what we call "walkout lower levels", rather than the traditional "basement" that you will find in city dwellings. The land and the trees and the wildlife are as much a part of each individual home as is the structure itself.

Ken Caryl Valley, Littleton -

Some backyards in Ken Caryl Ranch have picturesque, 30-foot sandstone rock outcroppings while many others have a terrific view of Denver's city lights. Others offer access to open space or mountain views for the pleasure of residents.
This covenanted controlled community offers everything from townhomes to million-dollar mansions. Single-family housing  starts in the high $200,000's and reaches as high as $1.8 million. Custom and semi-custom homes in the North Ranch of Ken Caryl Valley offer larger lots and wonderful open space settings. They start from $650,000's and range to the high million-dollar mark for truly magnificent homes and estates.   The community center in Ken Caryl Ranch offers a state-of-the-art wellness center with aerobic areas, two racquetball courts, a large outdoor swimming pool, wading pool, four indoor and six outdoor, lighted tennis courts, a weight room, nursery, billiard tables and rooms available for private parties. There is also an equestrian center with trails for horses.  Residents will also find soccer and baseball facilities, parks, playgrounds, greenbelts and many hiking trails only minutes from their house.      


Willow Springs, Morrison -The area of Willow Springs was developed by a local farmer and his wife in the early 1970's. Their vision included the construction of 18 holes of golf plus a clubhouse and pool, thereby creating a Country Club neighborhood for the homeowners to live, relax and play.  However, as time passed, the plans for the Club never came to fruition, and the homeowners organized.  A lawsuit ensued, and the Members won the land and golf course in the legal battle that was resolved in 1992.

From 1992 - 1997, the homeowners/Charter Members moved ahead with the plans for clubhouse construction, sold land on the north edge of the property to generate extra income (which resulted in a redesign of several holes by Phelps Golf Course Design), created By-Laws and Rules & Regulations for the membership, and focused on membership sales to further fund the Club's growth. Membership opportunities for families living outside of Willow Springs were introduced for the first time, thereby extending a friendly hand to folks living "beyond the Hogback."

Since the Clubhouse opened in 1997, Red Rocks Country Club has continued it's evolution as a Family-Oriented and Relaxed Country Club for our Members.


Table Rock, Golden - new neighborhood, located about 5 miles north of Downtown Golden and 20 miles brand new patio and single residence homes from 350k- 1m or more.  Small lots, new houses, nice setting on the back side of the mesa in Golden.

Observatory Park, Denver - Observatory Park offers the charm of a college town, the convenience of a central location, and the serenity of a traditional neighborhood where lovely historic homes and mature shade trees line picturesque streets and neighbors visit from front porches on summer evenings.  Located between Evans and Iliff Avenues and Milwaukee and Fillmore Streets. Locals refer to the homes around the park as the Observatory Park area.  Homes on the south side of Iliff Avenue are considered quite desirable.  Residences enjoy numerous seasonal social outings and student events throughout the park. The park also has a two powerful telescopes that are used by the University of Denver.

Home prices in the University Park and Observatory Park subdivisions range from around $400,000 up to $2 million.  Properties priced between $300,000 and $400,000 are basically being sold for their lot values.  The are owned by investors or long term owners who are waiting for a developer/builder to come along to buy their 1,000 to 1,500 square foot home for re-development.  This is a prime Denver neighborhood for scraping existing homes and building much larger homes.  The over sized lots, wide quiet streets and superb southeast Denver location allow developers to build up-scale homes and sell them for a comfortable profit.  The majority of the re-developed homes are being sold for $600,000 to $1,900,000.  They offer 2,000 to 7,000 of finished living area.  These breathtaking Observatory Park/University Park masterpiece feature extensive up-grades such as gourmet kitchens, slab granite, Sub Zeros refrigerators, Bosch or Viking appliances,  wide plank hardwood flooring, 9' to 10' ceilings, extensive custom cabinets, timber accents, stone detailing, Travertine tile, wine cellars, home theaters and much more.  Home styles include stunning stucco French Country, Tuscan Style Villas, Mediterranean, brick Tudors and Colorado Craftsman's.



For more information on the vast number or subdivisions and/or price range you might be interested in, please feel free to contact me via e-mail, fax or phone.I'd be happy to further explore with you any of the other hundreds of subdivisions you might be interested in!


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