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My idea for a new HGTV show! Whaddaya think?


Adventures in Real Estate: How's this for a new HGTV show?


We sold a FANTASTIC Irvington house last week. Can't share all the details yet but let's just say that this place is one of the most eye-popping vintage homes in our Irvington 'hood. Cute as a button, perfect for the adorable new owners, incredible design inside and out, and a fantastic price. In fact, we love it so much, we would buy it ourselves if we could.croppedlogo.png

Which is exactly what Jamie told the buyers: If you don't buy this house, I will.

OK, so it wasn't a serious threat, but it was certainly an earnest expression of how much we loved the house. Do we need another house? No. But it got me thinking that this could be the basis for a new show on HGTV.

 As you may know, Jamie and I are HGTV addicts. Love It Or List It our current favorite. So how about: Buy It Or We Will. Here's the set up. Two incredibly attractive and enthusiastic Realtors show homebuyers Indianapolis' fabulous vintage homes. The buyers adore the house. But here's the catch: so do the real estate agents, Deb and Jamie!  At that point it's a race against time to see who gets to buy it first.

I think it's safe to say that Jamie and I wouldn't be in business if we actually tried to buy every amazing house we showed our clients. But wouldn't it be a great show? At the very least, our love for Irvington homes makes it much easier for us to sell them.

Deb Kent and Jamie Willis are Realtors with the Beacon Group of Keller Williams, dedicated to home ownership in Irvington and other remarkable vintage neighborhoods inside near downtown Indianapolis. Deb and Jamie can help you find a great house or sell the one you're in. Call or text (812) 361-8302 or email info@indybeaconhomes.com Check out their website www.indyirvington.com


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