Take Advantage of Time...Before Time Takes Advantage of YOU!

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I love this quote. I think I came up with it! Seriously, one day I was thinking about my life and how to better manage all that I had to accomplish in a day. I said to myself..."Self: you better take advantage of time, before time takes advantage of you!" Wow, how profound! LOLTime Folder

I try to manage my business (and life) this way, so that I accomplish my goals. Before accomplishing these goals, I have to have goals.

My suggestion to those of you listening is:


  • Create a Business Plan, you'll be glad you did...and quite honestly, so will your bank account.
  • Your Business Plan should be broken down into an Overview for the year, and then something along the lines of a weekly task view. This will make your Business Plan measurable. If you can measure it, you will follow it.
  • Follow the Business Plan, celebrate your victories, and don't be so hard on yourself if you don't quite "make the cut" one week.
  • Keep this overall mentality in everyday life: "Do it NOW!" If you wait for might be too late. Don't let time take advantage of you!
  • Contact that client know the one you've been avoiding.

This mentality of "Take Advantage of Time...Before Time Takes Advantage of YOU" can be used in so many other facets of life.

Example: I want to lose all of the weight I gained from having my son...I better lose this weight while I am younger, rather than waiting until I get older and it is more difficult.

I hope that you will find this quote useful. How will you use this quote??

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I love love love this quote!!  It is so true!  Thanks for sharing and I will be featuring in Las Vegas Area RE Pros group!
Jan 03, 2008 01:18 AM
Heather Jemison
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Las Vegas & Henderson, NV


Thanks so much for featuring my post! That is really cool!

Have a great 2008!!!


Jan 03, 2008 01:47 AM
Karen Anne Stone
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Fort Worth Real Estate
Hi Heather:  The first thing that came to mind after seeing your quote... is going to the dentist.  Handle whatever it is now, and it will be relatively easier than if you let it just sit there and get worse.  Your quote should be a good tool for those who tend to procrastinate.  Thanks for sharing.
Jan 07, 2008 04:31 PM