Reunited With an Old Friend

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SPRING, FLOWERS, SUMMEREVEN WITH the mild winter that just passed, in Montana the arrival of 70-some degrees and a blue sky is welcomed as if it was the return of a long-awaited friend.

Sunday was one of those days, a day for shorts and short sleeves, a day to be spent in the woods or alongside a river. 

I hesitate to write the "summer" word. It is only May (although is was about as beautiful as a day in May can be) and I have spent way more than enough time in Montana to know that summer won't be here for another month and the weather will prove that. But it didn't yesterday. And it isn't going to today.

Yesterday, the grass was thick, vibrant, that color of green it shows off before the hot, dry days set in. You could smell the moisture it still holds, you could feel its coolness. It was a perfect day to be under the sun, in the grass, searching for a four leaf clover.

Flowers are up, the early ones already showing off with all of their color. The nurseries were busy. Those who stayed home had their hands in potting soil or on a shovel turning the ground out back. Some were on the way to the market to pick up something for later on the grill.

Even the latest of the trees are now thick with leaves and by the afternoon, many of us moved from the sun into the shade they provide. A good book, a nap or conversation waited for us there.

A glance earlier at the Weather Channel showed that much of the country experienced a similar day and it made me smile to think that millions of people, from the Atlantic to the Pacific were doing exactly what I was doing - they spent the day outside, appreciating sunshine on bare skin.

Today should be more of the same. So I'm keeping this blog brief. Again, I will spend the day enjoying it, rather than writing about an early day that was enjoyed. 

I hope that on such a day as yesterday, the rest of you found the time to enjoy it as well. And today? I hope the rest of you are as wise as I. Now, I just need to find that fire alarm ...

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