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Title Insurance in New Jersey is a one-time payment per purchase by buyers of homes for sale or re-finance transaction by home owners.  Title Insurance is effective from the transaction date backwards in time as opposed to other insurance policies that cover the insured from the effective date of purchase.   The cost of title insurance is set and regulated by the New Jersey Dept of Banking and Insurance for all title companies licensed in New Jersey.  What differs between title companies is service – True Value Title’s specialty is great service - visit www.tvtitlellc for details.

  • Most title orders can be filled in two to three business days and True Value Title will, if necessary, personally deliver title to buyers and home owners in order to meet deadlines.
  • The company is viewed very favorably by its clients.
  • Its title producers have a combined experience of more than forty years and are able to handle the most complex real estate transactions.  
  • True Value Title will handle closings at nights or weekends and even go to the buyer’s or home owner’s home, when necessary.

True Value Title’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • Ordering and reviewing all necessary County, Municipal and Upper Court searches online via the Internet and other networking resources – often the same day
  • Preparing and distributing an accurate and easy to comprehend title insurance commitment in a timely manner
  • Electronic delivery of commitments, endorsements etc.
  • Ordering flood certification, where required
  • Ordering property survey with or without corner markers
  • Preparing and filing the Notice(s) of Settlement
  • Handle/co-ordinate closing for/with all parties involved in the transaction including buyers and sellers
  • Issuance of title policy after receipt of recorded documents from courthouse
  • Forwarding policies to attorney and/or buyer/home owner and lender

Other services with which True Value Title can assist are as follows:

  • Obtain payoff or release statements for any mortgages or judgments i.e. child support/DMV judgments and obtain appropriate Warrants of Satisfaction
  • Contact condominium, townhouse or homeowner association for Status of Dues letter and ordering condominium insurance certificate
  • Record deed, mortgage and any additional required instruments as requested
  • Track canceled mortgages and/or liens, to ensure cancellation of record
  • Coordinate the acquisition or transfer of home owner’s insurance.


Contact Robert J. (Bob) Giardina directly at True Value Title, LLC at 973-218-6519 or by email at rjg@tvtitlellc.com for comprehensive information on title insurance in New Jersey.


For more information about homes for sale in New Jersey go to http://www.livinginsummit.net/ or www.LucyThompsonHomes.com or contact Lucy Thompson at 908-347-1888 or Lucy@LucyThompsonHomes.com 



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