Cubist Home - 307 W. Duffy Street, Savannah, GA

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Don't judge a book by its cover.  A phrase tossed around quite a bit in real estate, usually referring to the unflattering aspects of a home.  “Pay no mind to the giant, built-in 70’s microwave.  I hear they’re coming back in style!”  Though overused – and perhaps improperly – there are times when the old saying is appropriate and absolutely necessary.  Like when a home says one thing on the outside, but then sings a whole new tune when you walk through the front door.

And that is the case with this listing.  From the curb you see a beautifully restored, Victorian, two story home that is typical to Downtown Savannah.  In fact, this home is nationally recognized for its historic restoration.  With a two-floor bay window and front porch the house immediately charms you with its Southern swagger.  But once you walk you through the front door all semblance of Victorian grace vanishes, giving way to Modern curves, unexpected layouts, and large open areas filled with light and whimsy.  You can’t help but feel the “gotcha” factor this home has when you walk in.  The surprises, however, don’t end at the front door.

Abstracted, pulled, and molded, the interior of this house has been completely altered.  From the floor boards to the walls, from the kitchen to the staircase, every nook has been artfully designed and every material thoughtfully considered.  The doorways are irregular in shape.  The hand rails undulate up the staircase.  The built-in sofa hugs the curved walls of the living space.  The rooms transition from one into another like forms in a cubist painting, both opening up and overlapping.  And the final painterly touch comes in the form of a sky light at the top of the stairs that fills the home with a natural glow. 

This Modern interior succeeds where most don’t in the warmth that it exudes.  It is perfect for a single family who appreciates historical correctness and modern interpretations.  And the location couldn’t be better.  You have great downtown shopping within walking distance, and Forsyth Park is just a stone’s throw away.

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