Should I list my home for sale in Tacoma? | Guild Mortgage | Tom Jarzynka

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Should I list my home for sale in Tacoma? | Guild Mortgage | Tom Jarzynka

If you have listed your home or thought about listing your home for sale in the last couple of years, and are still thinking about it… then there is no question that right now is a perfect time to test the home selling waters again.   

For the majority of conforming loan limit scenarios (which is based on your county limits – see Tacoma Pierce County Limits), homes are selling.  Now is a great time to sit down with your Realtor and speak with them about selling your house in Tacoma.  This meeting with your Realtor will, at least give you an idea of what to expect from listing your home (e.g. value, timeframe, etc), and then make an educated decision if listing your home is worth it or not.  The reason why it is a good idea to sit down and talk to your Realtor about selling your home is because buyers are out in full force in Tacoma.  This crescendo in the market we are experience is a result of the general public finally understanding how the combination of super low interest rates and affordable home prices allow them to buy their ideal home.

Eventually rates are going to have to creep back up over the next year or so, and this perfect storm of affordability will morph into some other type of market.  So, to reiterate, it is prudent to talk with your Realtor as soon as possible to allow you to make a decision to have an opportunity to list your home in attempt to take advantage of the current Tacoma market.

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