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My sellers' home is located in Mountain House, CA were there is a huge number of inventory that sits on the market for an average of 90-180 days and/or until it expires. My sellers' were very hesitant to place their home on the market during the holidays as they feel that it would be a waste of time as many people are busy vacationing. Yet, they are also in desperation to sell as they have already bought a another home.

Yes, it may be the time when majority of families are busy vacationing. But vacationing where? Yes, of course...to the homes of family and friends.  It is the best time to sell, indeed! The best source of referrals is through family and friends. This is the time when your next door neighbors' guests will think about moving closer.

With majority of people taking the week of Thanksgiving off to travel to their final destinations to family and friends, I took advantage of the time to put the house on the market the week before. This gave plenty of time for surrounding neighbors to call their family and friends and let them know about the house down the street or next door that they may want to consider.

Since my sellers are moving into a smaller home out of the area, relocating the furniture iout of this oversized home is problematic. I suggested to include the furniture as a holiday incentive to buyers if they come in with an accepted offer the day after Thanksgiving, like an "after Thanksgiving Sale" and it will expire that following Monday.

To make a long story short, we received multiple offers on the home during our "after Thanksgiving Sale" and all over the asking price! The new owners who are first-time homebuyers moved in just enough time to have a Christmas party into a fully furnished home. My sellers spent Christmas at their new home without having to make 2 mortgages and without the inconvenient of spending their holidays selling/moving their furniture.  It was a Happy Holidays afterall! A win-win situation!

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Christopher Bailey
BaileyMeadows, Inc - Mortgage Group - Mountain House, CA
I like that "After Thanksgiving Sale".
Jan 03, 2008 05:36 PM