How well is your home built?

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The US has been experiencing more than its share of natural disasters over the past few years.  These include ravaging hurricanes,   tornados that destroy entire towns, extreme flooding, disastrous mudslides, devastating wildfires, and gigantic sink holes that swallow up whole blocks.  For the people who experience the loss of a home caused by one of these, the logical thing to do seems to be to rebuild as quickly and simply as possible and to get things back to normal immediately.  Because of the huge expense of rebuilding a home and the amount of time it requires, many people have chosen to replace their homes with manufactured homes. While some of these are excellent, others may have hidden problems that need to be investigated.   Other people have saved money by choosing builders whose credentials make them more economical but whose work may be below par.  Replacing your home with either a substandard manufactured or site built home can cause you more problems and more expense in the long run because of the possibility of mold.

          One article recently told of a manufactured home where the windows and doors were installed poorly and did not shut out the wind or rain entirely.  When the owner complained, he was told by the company he purchased from that he should install a new storm door that fit better, and that his warranty had expired.  Of course, the extra draft cost the homeowner more each month for power, but the worst thing that happened was that his family began to get sick.  His little girl’s pediatrician suggested that the parents have the home checked for mold.  When this was done, it was found that there were seven different types of mold present, all located around poorly installed pipes and drains.  The family had to leave their home and rent an apartment. They couldn’t even take their clothes or furniture with them because they were contaminated with mold spores.  When they checked about filing a legal claim against the home manufacturer, they found that it had filed bankruptcy.  This happens so often with disreputable companies.  They don’t stay around to correct their mistakes. 

That’s why homeowners need to take the preventative measure of having a mold inspection done by a company you can trust, one with a good reputation in the area where you live. If you are not yet a home owner, but are looking at buying a house, you should definitely look into a mold inspection. Most realtor’s have home inspections done regularly on their properties, but the problem is that most home inspections do not cover mold. If the inspector spots mold it will usually be notated, but it is not actively searched for. Once you sign for the house though, it, as well as any mold problems, are yours. 

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