I Love My Job...

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There is always....usually...typically, a sense of "oh, crap what now?" feeling when you're working in the mortgage business.


I mean it seems like every other week a new guideline changes, or a new piece of regulation hits, or we need to obtain some new licensing requirement, etc etc.


Most of us who have "survived" in this Mortgage Industry, and lets add Realtors for that matter surviving the Real Estate market, over the past years are now just getting their just desserts.


What I mean is, IT IS GREAT TO BE IN THE BUSINESS TODAY!! You wont hear me say that a lot, but with an active sellers/buyers market, rates being historically low, Loan Programs which are actually letting more borrowers qualify, and fewer competition due to heavy compliance + regs, happy customers....I cant complain!!!


I hope it stays like this for awhile!! lol..Go out and sell some homes, help some buyers own, and take apps until your fingers bleed! lol

Are you feeling the same? Share some successes please, it will help spur some motivation with others here on AR.


Happy Fundings!! 

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