Really dumb HOA decision

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I had a commenter on my regular blog leave something that set my hair on end. She's been maintaining a web site for a Homeowners Association and just recently received a "cease and desist" order from the HOAs attorney.  This is a prime example of a couple of power hungry people doing dumb things under the guise of an HOA. You can view details, my comments and the cease and desist letter here: The Phoenix Real Estate Guy

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Teri Isner
Keller Williams Realty at the Lakes - Orlando, FL
Would you please repost the link it didn't work and I would like to read this.  Got it and what a story.  People can be such ..... sometimes surely the hoa docs are online with county too are they going to send a cease and desist to the county government.  Some people are just a waste of space.
Aug 07, 2006 03:02 PM