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What Title Agency Should I use?

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Glen did an excellent job with this video based on my blog post.  He used humor to make the point that consumers MUST be allowed and in fact encouraged to select their own title agents.

Thank Glenn.  I am honored!!

Original content by Glenn Freezman

The Title Agent/Settlement Officer is one of the most important people in closing your real estate transaction. At Family abstract, Inc, our job to insure that the real estate your purchasing is insurable, we act as the final coordinator between you and all the other parties, we insure that the funds are properly disbursed, loans are paid off and released and that the deed is promptly and properly filed.  I created this You Tube Xtranormal Cartoon for You Tube Thursdays on Active Rain.  The original idea came from a blog by Charlene Perry, I hope you enjoy it, please leave me a comment.


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Established in 2002, Family Abstract, Inc. provides Title Insurance to clients and customers throughout Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with more than 40 years of combined experience in management alone. We pride ourselves on retaining the most skilled and knowledgeable employees who share our goals of providing the best service in the industry.

Located in Horsham, Pennsylvania, Family Abstract, Inc. maintains an extensive network of skilled title insurance abstractors in all the states we service in addition to a nationwide network of qualified closing agents who are available to close loans at any location.

Backed by the strength of four title insurance underwriters, we are able to provide expert attention to detail without sacrificing versatility in the closing process, thus providing more options in difficult title situations. Due to our depth of industry knowledge and commitment to excellent service, Family Abstract, Inc. has been able to develop client relationships that have endured for decades.

Having successfully settled and insured thousands of transactions, we have already earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of customers, lenders, brokers, and realtors and now we would like to share our expertise with you!

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