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Perfect Imperfection

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Things of this world follow the rules of the universe. If you throw a stone in the air, the law of gravity
says it has to come down and most probably will hit your head if you throw it straight above you. Same
thing follows if you add two puppies in the line of four, it will sum up to six. Also if you swigged a barrel
of beer and one too many tonics, you will have a monster hangover by the next day. These laws keep
the world balanced and in place on its axis. There are some things that one can’t possibly rationalize.
Things like affection care and love.

My wife received a Mother’s Day card that had a crude drawing on it (a hairy butt, of all things). My
son was embarrassed that he had drawn it on the card, and yet my wife hugged him and thanked him
for the card anyway. This reminds me of the homes we show where there is a visible defect, and yet
the prospective buyer still wants the home. There’s one thing I have learned, the business is not selling
houses but assisting people in finding that place that is close to their hearts.

Sometimes it’s all about love, and the rational thoughts go out the window. Sometimes a perfect house
does not really need to have all the perfections. Sometimes, those little imperfections endear it to us
and make it possible to see the opportunities.

Tamra Lee Ulmer
Arizona Resource Realty - Payson, AZ
NRBA ~FORCE~ Over 1000 REO Assets SOLD!

I agree, Luke! Thank You for sharing. It's all about Sincere Love and Care to help those find their perfect home, that they see has so much potential to their own imagination. It's important to keep that positive attitude!

May 18, 2012 06:36 AM
Luke Balster

That's also why I never say "yuck, orange carpet" either, because they may love orange carpet!

May 18, 2012 07:43 AM