Free Webinar...Strategize & Roll Out a Short Sale Marketing Strategy

Services for Real Estate Pros


Wednesday May 30, 20121:00 PM – 2:30PM Est


Short Sales are a huge part of the real estate landscape and in this information-packed session you will receive visuals and marketing strategies on how to target market and farm for this business. You will walk away with how to build a web, offline and social media marketing plan that drives more business.

Industry, web and marketing strategist Tricia Andreassen will show you....

  • How to understand the emotional mindset of the seller and how to tailor your marketing to their needs.


  • Develop a website that captures quality leads and builds the relationship with the distressed seller.


  • Understand why an email follow up campaign is critical to build trust with the homeowner.


  • How to get ranked on the search engines so you can capture traffic and leads for this target market.


  • How to implement a PR campaign to attract sellers to your expertise.


  • Ideas on how to research the local market to uncover sellers in a distressed state.


  • Create a print strategy campaign that will allow you to go "straight to market."


  • Maximize Facebook and learn Social Media strategies that can generate leads and sales. 


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