How Do You Make Those Cute Little Symbols? ♦♫©♣☺☻♂♥ ♀ ♠ ® ♪

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Hello everybody!

I found this post very interesting especially for girls. I like those Cute Little Symbols too.)))

And thank you Cathy for sharing her experience and fun knowledge!

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♥ How Do You Make Those Cute Little Symbols? ♫

Click here to subscribe to Cathy's Blog!Cathy Bureau wrote a post on Facebook asking how to make the ♥ Heart ♥ symbol. It reminded me of one of the very first blog posts I ever put on ActiveRain....

So I thought I would get out the old post, dust it off a little, give it a little facelift, and post it again.

By the way to meet Cathy, just clik on her name. To subscribe to her blog, just click on her picture! ☺

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

On facebook, my status post is often something like this:

JONI STAPLES  is singing ♫ oh what a beautiful morning... oh what a beautiful day!  ♪  

My Fb profile picture (today)-OR-

JONI STAPLES and The Princess Mama are eating Ben & Jerry's ♥ Double Fudge Brownie ♥ ice cream!

There are times that I may comment on your status with something like:

You make me  ☺S☻M☺I☻L☺E☻ !


Very ♂ SEXY ♀

When I do, someone always asks "How DO you make those cute little symbols?"

The answer:

HOLD DOWN the Alt key and type a number combination.

Alt + 14 = ♫

Alt + 13 = ♪

Alt + 1  = ☺

Alt + 2 = ☻

Alt + 3 = ♥

Alt + 11 = ♂

Alt + 12 = ♀

The most used symbol for me is ® which is Alt + 0174 and © which is ALT + 0169.

You can play with the different combinations to find the different symbols.

It's just fun!


♥ How Do You Make Those Cute Little Symbols? ♫

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♫♪♪♫♪♥ It works! Thank you! I think it very useful!

May 18, 2012 10:23 AM