Snow in Phoenix Arizona?!

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Suoerstition Mountains March 6 2006


I love this picture. It flys against what a lot of people think it's like in the Phoenix area. Sure, it's a desert -- note the big giant Saguaro cactus...  And yes, it's hot as Hades in the summertime. But it's also much much more.

This picture was taken on March 6, 2006. Those are the Superstition Mountains. While it doesn't snow often IN Phoenix, it does snow AROUND Phoenix several times a year. And it can be stunningly beautiful.  It's the diverstiy of the terrain, climate, culture and people that make Phoenix and Arizona such a great place to live!

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Ben Kakimoto
Keller Williams Greater Seattle - Seattle, WA
Seattle Condo Specialist

Another place people don't expect to see snow capped mountains is in Hawaii.  Hopefully this photo will show...from Hilo looking at Mauna Kea.

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Jul 06, 2006 06:34 PM