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Yesterday, I had an opportunity to spend the morning walking the MA and PA Heritage Trail and began to think why it took so long for me to take this wonderful walk, the sun was out, temperature was moderate and comfortable, and the trail was clean and inviting.  We parked on the North Tollgate parking and did the walk from Tollgate Road to Annies Playground.  The walk was 1.4 miles and went through some woods as well as past some farm land. 


We started by walking down the trail that led toward the woods, there is a wooden bridge that goes over a creek that we had to stop and take in the atmosphere of the area.  Looking below, we watched as some dog owners were playing with their dogs with the dogs getting wet and having the time of their lives.


Continuing on, we break out of the woods and start our walk past the farm land that is waiting to be planted.  This farmland is slightly rolling and you can see the farm house with barns and out houses upon the hill.  This was mostly level and it really allowed us to make some time.


Arriving at Annies Playground, we decided to take some time and watch as the kids were playing and the parents chasing them down and basically having a great time on this sunny afternoon.  Sitting in the garden like area, we noticed that most of the benches and statues were donated in memory of a loved one.  It is amazing that this playground was created because of a tragedy and is now making parents and children alike very happy.


We left the playground and began our trek back through the farmland and back into the woods, across the bridge and began the walk up toward our vehicle.  At this point, we find that the walk back is uphill and the angle is more pronounced than what we thought it was coming back.  Suffice it to say that we burned a few more calories on this uphill walk.


I look forward to having another walk real soon, it is enjoyable and relaxing which is what we all need more of..


Gary Nelson

The Nelson Group of Remax Components

Harford County, MD



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