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comment, reviews, debate, real estate, real estate pipelineAT REAL ESTATE Pipeline, reviews and comments on our blogs are watched carefully. After all, the point of blogging is to receive responses, which can be the beginning of an on-line relationship that can serve everyone well.

So I read with interest the comments on a blog I posted about the inequity of wealth seen here in the United States. For the record, arguing for fairness, or pointing our how a few manipulate the markets for great profits, is not the same as arguing for socialism or communism.

Still, thanks for the comments. Much of the fun with blogging comes from the comments and reviews that follow a blog. It is interesting how many different perspectives exist for any issue that is raised.

Blogging on Active Rain reminds me of hanging out in a coffee shop, ideas are raised, comments are made, thoughts go back and forth. In the end, everyone learns something new or sees a different perspective on an issue.

That is why every community needs a contrarian of sorts. It's not nearly as much fun or productive when everyone is in agreement. Ideas need to be challenged, then defended. So on occasion, I enjoy just throwing something out there to see what is thrown back my direction.

That takes me back to my recent blog. I agree, "wealth distribution" does have a socialist or even a communist ring to it. But today, I'm wondering if that is such a bad thing - from an economic standpoint.

Let's face it, China, which happens to be the largest communist country in the world, seems to be doing just fine these days - especially in comparison to the economic mess found in American or European countries.

Soon, China's economy will pass ours to become the largest in the world. Many of those who study such things seem to agree that by 2016 China will be the largest economic power in the world. After all, for the past 30 years China has averaged economic growth of 10 percent a year. The economic growth rate in the United States has been far less than that. 

And, which do you think is in the stronger financial position, a lender or a borrower? Yup, the lender. And on the world economic stage, that would be China. The United States is definitely in the role of the borrower - in a big way. Currently the United States owes China around $2 trillion.

So, let's not be too quick to pan economic systems that at a glance appear to be performing better than ours. Watch that knee for signs of jerking but, maybe, just maybe, we could learn something from a system that does things differently than we do.


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