Decision Making Needs To Happen With Care and Urgency! Even in Rentals

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A GREAT PLACE TO STARTSome people are under the impression that in this market rental homes are a dime a dozen. Landlords and Renters share this false impression and their delay in decision making cost each of them.


As a tenant prospect, there can be lots of worry and housing choices to sift through when finding a rental home for your family. This might give the impression that you can take your time and come back to a house later once you have had a week or so to weigh your options. Unfortunately that home was viewed by 20 other people because our market is full of potential renters right now. And by the time you have made up your mind, it will more than likely have an approved applicant already.


As a landlord, you are in the real estate market to get a return on your investment. If you have hired a professional Property Manager, congrats! you will not fall into the trap. If not you need to be very diligent to have a thorough background screening done as quickly as possible to determine the resident worthiness of a potential tenant. Please note that I did not say credit worthiness. Renters generally do not have perfect or good credit scores or histories. They would be buyers in most cases if they had more positive credit. Not knowing how to properly evaluate and screen a prospect can cost you in lost rent, damages in renting to someone that doesn't qualify and the most important resource of all, lost time.


Tenants and Landlords, Please consult a Professional REALTOR, trust in their ability to screen, search, market, and fill your needs. That's what Professionals do. If that's not your experience, then please call me. I'll help you find a professional in your area to assist you.

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