Rising Above the Facebook Plateau - 3 Simple Tips

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After creating a Facebook business page and getting all of your loyal friends and clients to ‘like’ it, many of us can find ourselves on a plateau, having difficulty reaching out beyond our current network. Check out these three simple tips to broaden your reach and strengthen your insights:

1. Post Daily

Having a schedule and routine for sharing information helps keep your name on the newsfeed.

2. Be Likeable

Post information that your fans would be interested in reading. For every ‘like’ a fan gives your post, your reach increases to the friends of that fan.

3. Appeal to Everyone

If you are only sharing listing information, you are excluding all of your fans who are not currently home shopping. Incorporate a day of the week to post something applicable to everyone (some things we have seen are Tacky Tuesday, Trivia Thursday, and our own ‘Funny Friday).


The reach of your Facebook page increases through likes, comments, and shares, so sticking with posts that have likeable, sharable content will help you in the long run. If you post something that you would also like to share with someone personally, share your post as opposed to posting the direct link on their page. This retains the links back to your business page, increasing your pages traffic and your overall reach.

 Funny Friday

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 For more information about understanding Facebook Insights, check out the Facebook Page Insights Product Guide.

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Jenny Durling
L.A. Property Solutions - Los Angeles, CA
For Los Angeles real estate help 213-215-4758

Good information - since my business page ins a '365 things to do" page, I actually find it diffiult to put enough real estate related info there!

May 27, 2012 11:52 AM