How many calls should in take to show a home ?

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Its been a while since I posted on active rain and to those who I used write back and fourth with I do apologize.

However, please take it as a good sign, as when I am not here reading and writing there is a fairly good chance I am out listing and selling real estate. For those who have not heard as of yet the market in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate is changing quickly with shrinking inventory causing buyers to become frustrated with nothing to buy and sellers ready to stand firm knowing that the next change is here. With the shift being felt all over our market with huge inventory drops, leading to sales drops, leading to rising prices I tell my real estate team all the time that we must always make the most of our time. Organized, time blocked days, and planned and well executed showings lead to more sales. In a market with tight inventory that organization will get you back to write the contract first.

Yesterday I asked a group of agents, "How many calls does it take you to get an appointment to show a home" ? The answer may shock you, and if you are going to respond to this blog post start off by letting us know - How many calls does it take in your market ? The average response of my totally non-scientific approach was, "Five", and I expected the answer before I even started asking. Even listings that are on our markets version of centralized showing, are more often as of late, being responded to with "the seller has not responded" for days and then as the appointment passes with a call that the showing has been turned down. Three calls to find out you are being asked to pick up a key that is totally out of your way, Four calls to a "voice mail that is not set up yet". Five calls to find out there are "over 14 offers we are waiting to hear from the bank". Then there is the call to let them know that the key that was in the lock box it now gone. Oh yes time is money to real estate professionals, and in my book five is way too many.

Have you ever wondered why many of us do business with the same group of Realtors over and over again, it most likely is that this group of Realtors knows how to do business and therefore keeps winning in a competitive market. For a seller who truly wants to sell their home, What do you think the answer would be ? I think it is up to all of us as real estate professionals to make sure every potential seller knows, selling your home is a team effort and making it readily available to show is their part of the effort. Making sure the showing instruction are clear, concise, and lead to a contract is every listing agents responsibility.

To all those great agents out there, I am now off to sell a home, and on my list to show today are the homes of numerous great agents who 's homes are ready and able to show, and also in my presentation are numerous drive-bys simply because I have not heard back but feel it is my responsiblity to plan the time in case I do get a confirmed appointment for my buyer.

The phone just rang, and we have another confirmed appointment for today, maybe it will be the perfect home.




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