Sure Fire Summer Savings!

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5 TipsTo Help You Get the Most Out Of Summer For Less

1. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Don’t make your house any hotter — cook outside or make foods that don’t require turning on the oven or stove.

woman grilling salmon.jpg

2. Move it before you cool it

A ceiling fan uses a fraction of the energy as air conditioning — and the right size fan in your room can lower the temp by up to eight degrees!

ceiling fan in motion blur.jpg

3. Make it or shake it

Smoothies and iced drinks from your local coffee shop can add up over the summer months — try making your own. For thick and creamy smoothies, try slicing a ripe banana into “nickels” and freezing them — throw them in a blender with some milk and coffee (or try peanut butter). Make an extra-strong pot of coffee and keep it in a covered pitcher in the fridge (to keep it from getting watery), pour some cooled coffee into an ice tray and use coffee cubes to keep your drinks cool.

iced coffee to go.jpg

4. Go ahead, have a free-for-all

Before you pony up for pricey tickets to the next big event, look in local papers and online for free festivals and fairs nearby — the summer is a great time for outdoor celebrations of the arts, entertainment, and cuisine.

guitar being played outdoor concert.jpg

5. Play the market

Before heading to the grocery store, spend a little time online to find local farmer’s markets — not only is the produce fresher, but it’s likely to be less money as well.

farmers market sign stand.jpg

For more money-saving ideas, check out these sites:

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