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Back at The Barn

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I was watching this film called “Secretariat” the other day and I was just moved. The film chronicles the
life of thoroughbred race horse Secretariat, winner of the Triple Crown in 1973. Diane Lane portrays
Secretariat's owner, Penny Chenery, and John Malkovich plays the trainer, Lucien Laurin. It is really
amazing the bond that a human can form with an animal. It’s like a deeper kind of friendship, something
that touches one’s soul.

I may not be entirely a horse enthusiast but the thought of having your horses at home, the idea is sort
of really romantic. Can’t you just imagine the feeling of looking out of your window and watching the
horses in the field? Usually these things are far-fetched and are one of those dreams that well, never
really come true. And what if you could really have something like that?

Just for one moment, think of a comfortable house to be in love with and a large lofted barn with horse
stalls. Your horses will be happier than ever. It will also be heaven for families who love dogs. With all
the places Skipper can run and play with- who wouldn’t be ecstatic? Now, what if there is a garden and
areas for fruit trees? You can grow your vegetables and pick out fresh peaches in the morning with your
children. As I was thinking about this, my head was spinning with a whole lot of family activities.

It just makes my heart swell that I currently have something like this in my listing. I can’t
wait to show everyone this property. Just for the heads up, you can check this out: http://