Las Cruces Homes Go Net Zero with Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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Las Cruces homes go net zero with efficiency and renewable energy.  In the last six months, Forbes Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, and Scientific American have run articles about net zero energy homes, reporting that the demand for these homes is surging.

A net-zero energy home is one that consumes less energy than it generates, and draws the same or less energy from the grid than it gives back.  Net-zero homes achieve this in two ways.  First, and ideally, the home is designed and constructed to be extremely energy efficient, consuming much less energy than a comparable conventionally built home.  Additionally, there is some form of renewable energy system (usually solar photovoltaics) to generate enough energy to offset whatever energy is consumed by the home.  The net effect is zero overall energy consumption, and in some cases, the home generates more than enough energy to cover its owners’ needs. 

Homes can be retrofitted to become net-zero energy homes, primarily by placing a Las Cruces Solar Green Home for Salesolar photovoltaic system on the home that will generate more energy over the course of a year than the home consumes.  Because of our abundant sunshine, and good incentives for solar, there are many homes in Las Cruces with solar photovoltaic systems installed.  The homes that generate more energy than they consume are net zero homes.  This beautiful home to the right is a retrofitted solar, net zero energy home, that is for sale.  For more information about this home, CLICK HERE.

 A home that is designed and built to be highly energy efficient can achieve net-zero with a much smaller investment in a solar photovoltaic system.  Most of the experts agree that the knowledge and technology exists today to build a home that New Net Zero Energy Home consumes half, or less of the energy consumed by a conventionally built home.  And this can be done without adding a significant amount of additional expense to the cost of the home as compared to the conventionally built home. Best of all, there is no difference in beauty or curb appeal between the high efficiency home versus the conventional home.

All of this adds up to a major case for the net-zero home.  Home builders in many areas are responding to increased interest in net-zero homes, which now constitute a significant percentage of their new home sales.  By applying the building technology that is already available, net zero homes are extremely cost effective.  I predict we will see more and more net-zero homes popping up in Las Cruces.

For most homeowners, home energy costs are the second highest expense of homeownership, right after their monthly mortgage expense.  This makes it really important to minimize these costs.  Imagine if this expense were completely eliminated for homeowners around the country, in all income brackets.  If the present trends continue, this could easily become a reality.

The expectation for energy efficient homes is becoming more and more commonplace among American homebuyers.  Residential green construction has increased from just 2% of all homes constructed in 2005, to 17% of new homes in 2011.  Polls show that more than half of Americans specify that their dream home must be a green home.   Now that we know that net-zero homes are very achievable, we can raise our expectations even further. 

If you would like to make your home a net zero energy home,  CLICK HERE to find out about getting a clean, renewable solar energy solar electric system to power your home. 

For more information about building a net zero energy home in Las Cruces, CLICK HERE.

We'll be seeing more Las Cruces homes go net zero with energy efficiency and renewable energy!





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