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                                                                           Pazzo Italiano

                                                                     Best New York Style Pizza!



  Delray Beach's Best Pizza!

  Best Subs in Delray!

  Great Pasta Great Price!

I love downtown Delray, I loved it as a kid I love it as an adult.

I love the restaurants, the small shops, the people, hanging out on "The Ave" is a great way to spend a night out..

There are a ton of Restaurants in Delray, you have a half dozen Italian places most of which don't have any Italians in the kitchen, a couple of French places, Cuban , Brazillian, Steak Houses, Seafood restaurants

Most of them are good, very few are great.

Now when it comes Pizza it's a whole different story! Most of them, to put it  simply, well, they just suck!

It's amazing to me what some people will eat and call great pizza! In downtown Delray there is no exception very lite on good pizza, now I know everybody out there is a self proclaimed expert and I don't want to offend anyone, because I know it can sometimes be a heated discussion. Just like whenever a New Yorker walks into my place and says,

"There is no such thing as good pizza in Florida" as soon as one walks in I know that there going to say it, and I usually shut them up with my answer and it is simply, "So What your saying is that there is no bad pizza in New York" then they finally realize the stupidity of their statement.

Now just so you know I am Italian and born and raised in New York and I don't hate New Yorkers but I do hate STUPID.

Anyway this reminds me of two things i find to be funny the first a joke and the second a quote from a The last Rocky movie,

first the joke,       

That pizza is like sex, even when it's bad, it's alright.

Now the movie,

in Rocky's Italian restaurant  Rock says to Paulie "sit let me make you something special and Paulie replies a bunch of Mexicans cooking Italian food ain't so special"

I have been making pizza since I'm a little boy back in the neighborhood and have the pictures to prove it. 

I own a Pizzeria in Delray Beach called Pazzo Italiano,  it is located in the Pineapple Grove Arts District.

If your in the mood for someting like , a real good slice of pizza come see me.

My challenge to you is, tocome in try a slice if you are not happy it's on the house!

333 NE 3rd Ave. Delray Beach




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