Inspecting HVAC for Real Estate in Modesto CA

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Inspecting HVAC for Real Estate in Modesto CA



  The process for inspecting HVAC systems begins with a visual examination of the coolant and oil lines. It is imperative to ensure the coolant line is insulated completely.

 On a split HVAC system, there are two pipes that run from the condenser to the air handler. One is large and is called the "suction" or "coolant" line and the other is smaller in diameter and is called the "pressure" or "oil" line. The basic fundamental design of the system is to turn a liquid to a gas, and then turn that same gas back into a liquid.

 HVAC system for Modesto CA Real Estate

 The insulation on the suction line serves two very important functions.

  • It allows the coolant (Freon) to stay cool which directly affects your comfort level and the systems efficiency.


  • It prevents the line from "sweating". When the suction line is not insulated, the warm ambient air causes condensation to develop on the cold suction line. The cold Freon can sometimes cause the condensation to then freeze. When the frost begins to work it's way back to the condenser, damage can occur.


 Real Estate in Modesto CA gets pounded by the California summer heat. Deteriorated HVAC insulation is all too common here in California. Replacing the insulation on the lines is very simple. Most every hardware store carries "insulated pipe wrap" for just pennies of what it would cost you to replace your condenser unit.

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