Why I add value to my inspections with RecallChek.

Home Inspector with Certified Structure Inspector IOS #1730, EA #30

I believe in doing an Inspection the way I would want it done for myself. So a couple years back I started including free with my inspection a service call RecallChek, a $30 value. While at the inspection I take down the model numbers from the built in appliances, furnace, A/C, garage door opener, ect. As long as I can pull the model number I submit it to this service.

One benefits of the service is that buyers are buying used homes and are usually getting used appliances. If you don’t register the appliance with the manufacture you will never know if you own one of the millions of recalled appliances. Even if the buyer purchases used appliances after the Home Inspection I can add them to the report.

Every month a newsletter called RecallTrak is sent out to the buyer. It includes tips and any new recalls on their appliances. It shows my information and the real estate agents information to keep us fresh in our client’s minds. Agents can also include their own content.

The best feature is that the report not only tells the buyer about the recall it has the contact information and how to deal with it. Majority of the time the manufacture will repair or replace the recalled appliance for free.

What a great deal. Buyers get a free service and agents get free
On a recent inspection a recall was found for a dishwasher.The dishwasher was being recalled due to a possible fire hazard. The manufacture offers a free repair, $150 towards a new dishwasher, or $300 towards a new higher end dishwasher. 

Next time your buyers need an inspection remember the added value of our service.

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