Mortgage-secured REO investment - Project# 6617518

Mortgage and Lending with LX Financial LLC

Here is a current investment summary. As always, a quick response is needed.
• Purchase and rehab of 2-family property, NJ 07108
• Funding requirement is 92% of cost, representing 46% of After Repair Value (ARV).
• Exit is resale or refinance, whichever occurs first.
• Expected project time is 3-4 months. Projections below are based on 6 months.
• Projected annualized ROI: 41.7%

Investment, and profit share, and interest, are secured by:
1. First mortgage; and
2. Developer company shares (the ownership of the property essentially, avoiding the need for foreclosure in the event of default)
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Let me know right away, if interested. I will send you the information package when available.
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