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MH900439613sm 300x300 Neighborhood Photo ExpertBecome a Neighborhood Real Estate Photo Expert – As a Virtual Assistant, I work with many Top Producing Real Estate Agents and they all have one thing in common – they are neighborhood specific. Being neighborhood specific not only shows their expertise but often times can catapult their websites and blogs to the top of google search engines, being easily found by consumers, looking to buy or sell homes in a specific area.

Photo’s and video’s have taken the web by storm and consumers are enjoying them by the masses. With so many beautiful photo’s of homes, landscapes, area attractions and the history of an area, consumers are staying on websites longer, feeding their desires to ” get to know ” an area they may be relocating too, downsizing or upgrading too and in many cases helping a friend or family member in their preliminary stages of buying or selling.

In today’s world of online presence, we can safely say, that consumers have turned to the internet for instant gratification, whether by and through Real Estate, Shopping, Advice and even Personal Development. A well organized webpage not only benefits you but also the consumer. With new and evolving technology, their are many more resources ” to be found online ” today, then there were several years ago. Becoming a neighborhood photo expert in Real Estate is a great benefit not only to the real estate agent but also the consumer.

How effectively are you using today’s technology ? Are you effectively using Social Media Strategies to influence your audience ? Many are not.

While I understand time is often against us and a memory card can contain hundreds of pictures and video’s . It’s vital to your business to organize – delegate and automate, creating a unique, easy to understand guide for any person and/or consumer who visits your webpages. Your webpages consist of not only your website and blog but also includes your social media platforms. Take Pinterest for example : it easily organizes photos into specific boards to make followers, fans and those stumbling upon your webpage, easy to interact with. Neatly organized, a person can choose a specific board to learn and understand the specifics of a chosen topic, while through your profile, they get to know you, a creator of the wealth of information you have provided them. The same should hold true for :

Facebook – Including Facebook Fan Pages : Flickr : Google +

And any and all other social media platforms you have created as webpages. Are you effectively organizing, delegating ( assigning ) and automating your photos and video’s ? If not, here are some simple steps to achieving that :

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I Can Refer You To The Perfect Real Estate For You !

Create Neighborhood Specific Albums for Photo’s/Videos – In other words, stop uploading all of your photos to just one album. Make your photos/video’s stand out by being neighborhood/subdivision specific. For example : Title, Tag and Describe your albums with keywords such as ( because I lived in this area, for the sake of this article I have chosen it )

  • Crossville TN Real Estate For Sale – Homes and Condos For Sale throughout Crossville TN. Then upload photos/video’s accordingly.
  • Fairfiled Glade TN Real Estate – ( Neighborhood/Subdivision Specific ) you can include homes, amenities , etc within this album.
  • Lake Tansi TN Real Estate – ( Neighborhood/Subdivision Specific ) you can include homes, amenities , etc within this album.
  • Crossville TN Area Attractions – Show your expertise with any area attractions, you can include history, shopping , etc.
  • Crossville TN Festivals – Most areas contain fairs, craft fairs, street fairs and the like. Title, Tag and Describe these and uploading them into your organized photo/video album.
  • Crossville TN Dining – We all love our fine dining and have a favorite restaurant, show this off and organize these special places in their own album.
  • Relocate to Crossville TN – While clearly I have used my keywords in all of the above, I create a specific relocation album that outlines : schools, banks, the DMV and many other photos/video’s that are vital to relocation.

ar1212028722275541 300x116 Neighborhood Photo Expert

The list could go on and on – but being more neighborhood or subdivision specific, allows consumers and the like to easily navigate your webpages in a more organized fashion that truly presents you as not only the neighborhood expert but the neighborhood real estate photo expert.

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Charlie Ragonesi - Big Canoe, GA
Homes - Big Canoe, Jasper, North Georgia Pros

Hi Melissa I do like your methodical approah to the issue and your points are well taken. Always good to see your posts

Jun 01, 2012 04:52 AM
Sandra Mathewson
RE/MAX 4000 - Grand Junction, CO


Good ideas.  I have done some of what you mentioned, but it has given me new ideas!



Jun 27, 2012 11:21 PM
Connie Harvey
Pilkerton Realtors - Brentwood, TN
Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate

Melissa, just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Dec 20, 2012 10:40 PM