So Blogging and Active Rain is the key they say?

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So, just like everyone else the New Year turns and I am looking for that something else to promote myself and get seen. I found that I have been a member of Active Rain for sometime and have yet put it to use. So with a minute or two of downtime I figured I would start my first blog over here. I have blogged once or twice in the past but never thought much of it. Mostly because I do not have the time so I thought but did catch myself reading other peoples blogs. So after much debate I have decided to take the plunge and create yet another resolution this year. To blog at least once a week and see how things go.

I have tried some other ways to drum up business online for instance my forum over at to help people moving to Charlotte and the locals to have questions raised and answered. Since the first of the year I have revamped it and the community is really starting to come together. If we keep moving forward the way we have the last few months it could become a good hangout for us online folk to chat about Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

 Well, there we have it the first ever blog from me on Active Rain. Here is looking forward to a great 2008 and a wonderful blogging adventure.

 All the best to everyone out there and hopefully I'll see you around!!

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