Avoid Foreclosure: Real Estate Solutions for Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals!

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Real Estate Solutions for Homeowners

Are you having trouble making that monthly mortgage payment? Would you like to avoid the dreaded “F” word (foreclosure)? Contact me today to set up a FREE consultation. There are many options available to avoid foreclosure.

Short sales are a popular option to homeowners who find themselves in a tight situation. If you owe more on your home (mortgage) than it's actually worth, you may be able to get the lender (mortgage company) to accept less than it is owed by negotiating a “short sale.” You then sell the house for whatever you can get, and the lender can agree to accept the proceeds and not go after you for the remainder.

There are many aspects to consider in this situation. A short sale can damage your credit scores, often showing up as a "settlement" that indicates you paid less than you owed. However, the Short Sale is almost always better than foreclosure. You may also face an IRS bill on the unpaid debt, which is generally considered income to you. As a skilled negotiator, an attorney can often avoid many of these negative consequences or at least minimize them, so give me a call today!

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Other options for avoiding foreclosure:

- Loan Modification (Richard can negotiate with your mortgage company to extend the loan period to decrease payment amounts)

- Refinance options (If you still have equity in your home, Richard can put you in touch with qualified lenders who offer great rates)

- Selling your home (Richard can help you sell quickly by getting you in touch with a qualified real estate agent)

- Deed in lieu of foreclosure - Can't sell the house for what you owe? Not over your head with your current mortgage? This option involves handing over your deed to the property to the mortgage company. You will be released from your mortgage, you can avoid paying any deficit that might be owed on the property, and the lender avoids further legal costs related to a foreclosure.

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