FAQ: Should I Start Out Listing My Home a Little High?

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When interviewing agents, beware of choosing the agent that allows you to determine the price without any type of market data to help justify that price. A LOT of agents use a questionable sales price called "buying a listing". They take the listing knowing that it won't sale at that price ONLY to wait it out a few months and then try to get you to agree to reducing the price.

Although this strategy sounds good, it is, in fact, more likely to result in a lower sales price. The first few weeks a home is on the market is when you will have the most activity and it is important to have it priced right from the start. Buyers won't think you are serious about selling the home if it's over priced. 

Eventually the Sellers will have to drop the price to try and get an offer. At this point, the Sellers seem more deperate to sell the home and buyers are wondering why the home has sat on the market for so long. Usually these things factor into a lower offering price.

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