Roof Repair Louisiana-Enhance Curb Appeal & Market Your Home

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Did you know that 40% of the curb appeal of your home is the way it’s roof looks. In a completely flooded housing market how can you make your home stand out on a street with eight other houses for sale. 


This has become an all to familiar problem across America with the housing market in absolute turmoil. So what do you do? The Baton Rouge Louisiana housing market is fairing much better than most but I still see multiple houses for sale on any one given street or in a single neighborhood. The first thing you need to do if you have no experience in selling houses in Louisiana is get expert advise. If your roof is visibly in bad shape this does not mean that functionally it is equally as bad. In Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Georgia and Arkansas just to name a few southern states it is very common for homes roofs to streak up and turn dark and in some cases almost black. This is from algae build up over time and typically the north slope of your home will be the worst. The algae is not an immediate problem but could develop into one over time, the main problem at hand is the ugly detraction for a home that is for sale. 


There is unfortunately not much you can do from a purely visual standpoint other than replace your homes roof and this is quite expensive if you have priced a new roof lately. If you have thoughts of pressure washing your roof try and resist this, pressure washing will only damage your roof by knocking off the shingles graduals which is it’s protective barrier. I will state some givens when it comes to selling a Louisiana home, time is money and if your houses sits on the market three times longer than is should or could have how much would a new roof really have cost you. I will quickly run you through the law of diminishing returns that we all have to live by. I will use a $150,000.00 house for my example, now lets take an average new roof price for this size home of under $11,000.00 and if you shop it you can even get that down some. Now if it takes you a year to sale your home on an average you probably gave the mortgage company the cost of a new roof in the extra interest it cost you in the additional hold time.


Now a few things you can do to shorten your hold time (marketing time) as well as probably getting a higher sales price for your home. The most obvious is get a roof replacement. This is the most expensive thing but check out some Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractors websites for some before and after pictures of local houses and you will see a dramatic difference in the appeal of the home. Make sure your landscaping is in good order and neat, keep your yard mowed at least every seven days. 


In a saturated Louisiana houses market the homes that have the most appeal will surely sale quicker than unkept homes. Enhance the curb appeal of your Baton Rouge home with a new roof and other minor housing repairs for the quickest sale and best price.

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