Staring At The Blank Page: Coming Up With Real Estate Blog Topics

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The cursor blinks at a maddening pace. As a real estate agent, you promised you'd blog once a week to attract more people to the site, but your mind is blank. Your palms begin to sweat. Forget it. You turn the screen off and walk away, thus losing your established readership in the process because you couldn't think of a single thing to say in your scheduled post.

You know that regular postings are the key to a successful real estate blog, but who can come up with something to say every single week or twice a week if you post that frequently?

These ideas may help . . .

Neighborhoods in your area are a great topic. Describe the average age of the home owners in the area, attractions nearby, schools, types of houses, and the general market price for the area.

The nuances of buying real estate is a fairly common topic, but one potential buyers crave information about. Talk about homeowner's insurance, the closing process, offers and counter-offers, and finding the right house are all perfect topics to attract buyers in your area to the blog.

Area photos + posts = Reader Gold! People who aren't necessarily a part of your area may look for attractions that don't get mentioned by the Chamber of Commerce or AOL city guide. Grab your digital camera or picture phone, and shoot a few of the lesser known attractions nearby for potential homeowners. Then let them know what's great about it. From the perfect playground in your area to the best place to get fried dill pickles, potential homeowners crave information they can't get anywhere else, and nothing offers more info than a good photo.

City Council news is important for both buyers and sellers. Try to attend city council meetings, and blog about the relevant bits for buyers and sellers. They may begin to turn to you for up-to-date news about the area.

Remember, anything you post should stay with your initial blog goals. If you're trying to attract potential customers, don't spend hours of posting time chatting about topics that won't accomplish that goal. Stick with what your readers will want to hear.

Remember, if you want help setting your blog up or you need someone to take over the posting schedule to free up some of your time, take a moment to contact James Colucci Enterprises. From great blog posts to direct mail flyers and postcards, we're here for all of your real estate marketing needs.

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