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When moving to a new city or country, I guess one of the biggest questions that arises in one's mind is:

Where am I going to live?

Most of the time but not always, one already has a job at their future destination, but even if that's not the situation, for most people the most important thing is having a roof over their heads before anything else. Let's be honest, nowadays, being that the world functions so quickly within a 24 hour day period, is their sufficient time to take time off and go in search of a flat or house?  From my personal experience, when I first moved to Prague, their wasn't enough time to search for a proper flat.

Here's an idea of my first week there:

I arrived to Prague and fortunately I was able to stay at my aunts for a few weeks until I found a flat for myself. Lucky me, within the first 3 days I signed my contract for my new job, and started working immediately. So there I was, working from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the other end of Prague... I remember, leaving work and taking me about an hour or sometimes more to get to the address given to me by my realtor. We all know that looking at a property in the night gives you a poor idea of it, and that within this time frame if you're lucky, you'll get to see a maximum of two properties.

Brats get busy with NetThanks to the revolution in technology we are now able to have video tours, where you can actually see properties from your computer anywhere in the world, and get a proper taste and feel of the property itself. Obviously nothing compares to being at the property on your own two feet, but at least, you'll already have a good idea of what you're going to see. Believe me, I wish they would have had this in Prague during that time. It would have saved me a bunch of trips and time.

Technology has changed the way the world functions, and it does have its pros and cons, but it has also simplified our lives in so many ways, being that the world has revolutionized in gigantic leaps. Admit it, if you want to buy a summer house in Sicily or Malta, now you can just navigate the net, and see as many virtual tours or better yet, video tours of numerous summer houses. Then you'll probably choose a few and you'll go and take a look at it in person. Doesn't this save you huge amounts of time, and in some cases money?

I guess the only step for us humans to take is to evolutionize with the world; meaning, start MOVING and LEARNING! I believe, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but the role for many professionals has to look for other angles, other tools, and other methods for selling.

Remember, the old fashion way still works, but when you get a headache, do you take an aspirin or do you put a cold wet towel on your forehead?

I know I take an aspirin. 

Karin Reznicek

Here's an interesting article you might want to look at Digital revolution spreads to books LITERATURE: TECHNOLOGY Sunday Herald, The,  Jan 28, 2007  by Jenifer Johnston

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Image in the middle: Illustration by Sandeep Joshi

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