Cary Library In Houlton Is Well Known Around Maine! It's A Carnegie Library Too!

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When a buyer is considering a move to Houlton Maine, there are usually five questions that get asked if they know they want to live in Maine...just not sure which town. 

First, tell me about your schools. 

Second, what is your hospital like?

Third, how much snow, what kind of Maine weather do you get?

Fourth, is there a well run parks and rec program?(Yesss!) And fifth, do you have a library and how extensive is it?

We've covered the other areas in earlier blogs so Cary Library's turn on Main Street in Houlton, Maine. 

As a child I remember going into the old original Houlton Maine stone library and the second floor being glass!  You could walk on it, see somewhat thru it and as a little guy I thought that was pretty neat. 

The older section once the new large addition was added is used more for a special children's library complete with a summer reading program to get youth to know the joy of reading early on.  In this section too is a large fireplace and during the Christmas holiday, there is a fire going and a special story time. 

When someone near and dear passes away in Houlton, there are many worthwhile charities to give funds to in memory of the loved one.  When you give fifty dollars to the library, they send a nice card to the family, indicating the list of books that were purchased in memory and along the lines of what the person enjoyed.  You get a real insight into the person from their hobbies and past times. 

Cary Library is located at 107 Main Street, on the corner of Broadway and in front of Monument Park where the Houlton Amphitheatre built by the Houlton Rotary Club hosts McGill's Band.

Two sites to visit for the Maine site was set up in part by Bert Audette who worked there summers. houlton maine,cary library, mooers realty,aroostook

Another Cary Library video helps show and tell about the state of Maine's extensive facility network. The geneology department which is a home to rich history in the Southern Aroostook area.

The original library was constructed back in 1903 with a $10,000 donation from  Andrew Carnegie

The structure that is a vibrant center piece to Houlton Maine, the County Seat of Aroostook is on the Historic Register.

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Cary Library,Houlton Maine,mooers realty

Cary Library In Maine Tour Video.

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Bert Audette

Andy, The second site listed is not for the Cary Library in Houlton.  It is for a different Cary Library, in Lexington, Massachusetts.  There is only one site for the Cary Library in Houlton.  It is located at 


Jan 11, 2008 02:14 AM
Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
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Thanks caught that fast...have updated with the town link to board of trustees, other info on town to support blog topic!
Jan 11, 2008 05:00 AM