Finally a Reno Brokerage is embracing the Energy Efficient Mortgage

Home Inspector with Certified Structure Inspector IOS #1730, EA #30

Yesterday I was invited to tour the Reno office of Solid Source Realty by Matt Swanson who is the Director of Agent Development. Their large office includes office space, meeting room, and also a large classroom where they will be holding CE classes and other learning events.  As an Energy Auditor and someone that likes to see people saving resources I was happy to hear that Solid Source Realty was the first brokerage in the country to go paperless.

As a Home Inspector and Energy Auditor here in Reno I’m always looking to meet new agents that can use my services. Most agents need a Home Inspection but I am always on the lookout for forward thinking agents that are truly interested in making a difference by helping buyer go green. One of the best ways to save energy is to get an Energy Audit and then perform energy retrofits. Most people don’t have the extra money when buying a home to do that work. This is where the Energy Efficient Mortgage comes in. Buyers get an additional 5% at the time of purchase to spend on energy upgrades. There just a small handful of steps that need to be done to get the buyer into this and on track to a more efficient, more comfortable, and healthier home. The extra amount the buyer pays each month for extra money borrowed is offset or exceeded by energy savings.

Some lenders in town like Guild and Summit Funding are already doing these loans. There are only a few agents that have done these loans with their buyers but no one has really embraced it yet.  That’s why I’m excited that Solid Source Realty in Reno has become the first Reno brokerage to realize the benefits to their clients and embraced the EEM. Since an Energy Auditor is needed to collect the data for this type of loan I look forward to working with them and their buyers.

If Solid Source is the type of brokerage you would like to be involved with contact Matt Swanson at 775-636-9943. They are located at 1610 Meadow Wood Lane Reno,NV .

             Also if you would like to work for Solid Source they are looking for agents.


Please contact me with any questions on Home Inspections or Energy Audits.

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