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June 9, 2012  /  Issue 10

1-     SolarCity Initial Public Offering
2-     US Imposes Tariff’s on Chinese Panel Imports
3-     My Solar Consultant partners with NW Energy Programs
4-     Plug into Savings- NEST Thermostat

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!!! I know many of you have been waiting to hear from me on when you can purchase stock in SolarCity and when they are going public. We are very close now! On April 26th SolarCity filed its IPO registration. The registration is being reviewed by SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) for approval. Bloomberg has stated they believe SolarCity IPO will be valued at over $1.5 billion dollars. The differentiator to other solar companies which have gone bankrupt or are on the verge (Solyndra, Solar Trust of America, Sun Power) is that SolarCity is a solar developer NOT a panel manufacturer. The key here is the lack of huge over-head and competition with China - the world’s leading panel manufacturer due to good quality, guarantees, and a lower price-point than American made. SolarCity literally takes on all other tasks from A-Z except the costly manufacturing portion. It’s a brilliant company model with low risk. Both the price of the initial stock and actual trading date are still unknown, but expected in the next three months.

The US Commerce Department ruled that China has been “dumping” solar panels on the US market by exporting them for less than the cost to actually make the equipment. This violates the World Trade Organization rules and is the key reason for many solar manufacturers going bankrupt - Solyndra and Solar Trust of America to name a couple. There will now be a 31% tariff on all solar panels that China exports to the US. This is an extremely large percentage and I anticipate the cost of solar to increase in the very near future as the duties are even retroactive 90 days. With rebates, tax incentives, and prices where they are currently- now is definitely the time to go solar through our solar lease program. Don’t wait for rebates to decrease or be eliminated due to budget short-falls or for solar panel costs to increase and affect the program pricing. Manufacturers to be affected by this tariff will include Trina and SunTech Power- if you are not familiar with the solar industry, let’s just say those are very large corporations. What is interesting is that the case was first brought to light by SolarWorld (because they are going broke) which is actually a U.S. subsidiary of a German company.


I have some very exciting news to share! My Solar Consultant is now partnered with NW Energy Programs to further our footprint for the Solar Program here in Portland Oregon area. NW Energy Programs conducts FREE energy audits for the Energy Trust of Oregon. They provide answers in energy efficiency specifically for your property and educate on programs which are available in your area which you can take advantage of. I am very excited to share the same vision with this company and to impact our area for promoting a clean region, self sufficient for generations to come!


The NEST Thermostat is a fantastic and easy way to start saving money on your electric bill. This new thermostat, which you can purchase at The Home Depot, can help you become up to 30% more efficient when heating and cooling your home. This is a great addition to your solar panels through our solar lease, as it will allow your percentage of solar powering your home to be higher- saving you money. The thermostat is designed to learn your schedule so you don’t waste time adjusting it or forget to turn off your AC when you leave your home, which can add a lot of kWh’s to your bill. If you do wish to adjust the temperature of your home, you can simply do it with a App downloaded on your cell phone which will be configured with the unit. This allows you to adjust the temperature at any time from anywhere. The App will also show you how much energy you are using- another perfect pairing with SolarGuard. SolarGuard is a FREE monitoring you receive with your solar lease package; it allows you to view how many kWh’s your solar system is producing minute by minute. The NEST thermostat will show a little green leaf when you are energy efficient at your home as you senses activity, temperature, humidity, and light. One of my favorite features is that it will also tell you exactly how long it will take to arrive at the temperature you desire. This little device is definitely worth the small cost to purchase.
Warmest Regards,
Hana Weller
Direct: 503-718-1035

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