What's so great about ceramic tile?

Real Estate Agent with Shore Realty of the Outer Banks

Why has ceramic tile become the end-all and be-all "upgrade" for residential sales?  Am I missing something?  IMO (and MO is not worth much, I know) it's breakable and break-causing, cold and dirty, and an excuse to say you have something better than the Smiths because of course the Joneses already have it. 

Yes, this is snarky, but is ceramic tile really that great?  I mean, after every house on the block has it, it's redundant to even mention it in the listing remarks anymore.  We have sellers of old houses that need lots more than tile floors make a big deal about recent upgrades and it basically makes so many sellers think they can ask higher prices just because they retrofitted some tile. 

I've shown many properties with tile floors that are already cracking, have the grout separating or were laid crookedly to begin with (both pro and DIY jobs). I wonder if anyone else out there agrees...and don't get me started on stainless steel appliances...!

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