Are really good REO opps dwindling?

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It looks like the number of really good deals may be dwindling. I think it has to do with investor confidence, and maybe supply – I don’t know. I recommend an aggressive buying strategy at this time to capture the huge profit opportunities (still) out there.

I am here to help with information, advice, and financing. I have in essence  unlimited funds available to fund REO, fix and flip projects. I offer bank loans starting at 4.99% – all the way to investor (hard money type) funding to 100% of project hard cost.

I am also connected with rehab contractors, attorneys, leasing and property managers, and others. If you need anything other than financing I can probably hook you up with someone. Feel free to contact me for anything.

You can request online financing quotes here, for any real or contemplated project.

Contact me with any question you may have, and PLEASE read these important tips to avoid hiccups, profit erosion, or worse.


Happy investing!

- Paul :)


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