You could almost watch the light bulb turn on at the EEM workshop.

Home Inspector with Certified Structure Inspector IOS #1730, EA #30

At yesterday’s EEM (Energy Efficient Mortgage) work shop you could almost watch the light bulbs turn on in the agenst minds as they realized the benefits and savings buyer can get with this underutilized program. The FHA EEM program allows buyers to finance energy efficient upgrades at the time of the purchase with no additional qualifying. The agents attending learned that the process is easy and gives buyers huge benefits. The process uses third party verification and will not hold up the closing of a property so everyone wins. There is absolutely no reason a buyer of an older home should not take advantage of this program since it can save tens of thousands over the life of the loan and give people a comfortable and healthy home to live in. I look forward to working with the agents that attended and the others they get on board. If you missed the workshop and want to get more information feel free to contact me. As a licensed Energy Auditor I can provide you with infromation about the process.

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