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Cottonwood Heights Luxury Homes

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Luxury Homes When we think of touristy areas and luxury homes in Utah, we think of the southern, more sunny part of the state. But here's one of Utah's luxury home markets best-kept secrets: Cottonwood Heights. This new city (it was only incorporated in 2005) is a great place to find luxury homes in northern Utah, right at the mouth of the Little & Big Cottonwood Canyons and the majestic Wasatch Mountain Range. The median home value for homes in Cottonwood Heights is around $320,000. That's almost $100,000 more than what the median home price in Utah as a whole. And on the market right now, there are several homes available for between $200,000 and $2 million. To see examples of luxury homes here, please visit Cottonwood Heights Luxury Homes.

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