Orlando MSA area Descriptions for the Investor - Lee Vista Area

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Lee Vista

            Just south of the East Orlando area the Lee Vista area is directly in between the East Orlando Employment centers and the new Lake Nona “Medical City” area to its South. Lee Vista is a well manicured area with properties for lower prices than other surrounding areas normally sell for. Well rated schools and a good location. However the Lee vista area has received a stigma when around 2006, some un-exploded ordinance were found in some un-developed fields in the area. The Lee Vista area was used during World War II as a military bombing range. What was found was safely removed and no one ever got hurt, since then the army corps of engineers searched the area neighborhoods and cleared them for anything buried or hidden that could cause harm, and no issues have arisen to date, but the area still has that stigma. Rentals in the area are still quite strong though, and with the lower prices returns while holding can be quite attractive.

Property Makeup: Mostly Single Family Homes, Townhomes, and a few Condo’s.

Price Ranges: 04/2012 

-   Condo’s – $35,000-$85,000

-   Townhomes - $80,000-$130,000

-   Single Family Homes - $120,000-$380,000

What to Watch out for: The Stigma of being an old Bombing Range, and going to far west gets a bit to close to airport traffic and some industrial areas.

Overall Rating: “A” to “A-“ for a great looking well located area with above average rental returns, but with a stigma as being an old army range.

Favorite Neighborhoods for Investment (where I tend to find the most and best all around deals):  Tivoli Woods, Tivoli Gardens, Vista Lakes, Crowntree lakes, Lee Vista Square