Introducing CostsFirst Closing Cost Calculator for Buyers and Sellers

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First American Title Company has rolled out a NEW Closing Cost Program called CostsFirst and is available to real estate and mortgage professionals in California.  The program is entirely web based and can be accessed with your PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet and Smartphones.

It’s easy to get started -- Go to or Click Here to Register today.  Select my name from the tile rep pull down list displayed - Scott Hoen or another rep name if you already have a working relationship with another First American Title Representative.

  • CostsFirst calculates closing costs for most types of financing.
  • Save and Retrieve clients files from anywhere on the Internet.  
  • Convert estimated HUD1 to PDF format even on an iPad
  • Email estimated HUD1 without leaving the program
  • Save files from your iPad and open them with your PC.

Independent Escrows use the program to save them time preparing the HUD1 WITHOUT having to open an escrow and then cancel it just to do a HUD1 quote.

Agents use it in open houses working with buyers -- they all want to know how much down and what is my monthly costs.

Agents use it with their sellers to review what the sales price is but ultimately what is their client going to net out of the transaction after all costs.

First American Title's CostsFirst calculates settlement services costs instantly when you enter the sales or purchase price or the refinance amount.  There is a short sale caluclator too!

Contact your favorite First American Title Rep in California and ask about the new program today!

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